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Holroyd & Jones Ltd was established in Dublin in 1922. It is a family-run company now in its third generation, with warehouses in Cherry Orchard, Dublin and Tipperary Town.

The Roofing & Building Products division dates back to the early 1950s and we specialize in roofing felts, breather membranes, waterproofing, sports floors and sound insulation. We hold the Irish agency for several international brands such as our Italian partner Casali, with whom we have worked since 1982, and our products are covered by guarantees and a range of certificates including Irish Agrement, BBA, etc.

Our technical staff are always willing to offer expert advice and back-up to architects and specifiers.


The company believes in marrying experience with dynamism and innovation. Our philosophy stresses exceptional attention to the requirements of the final consumer and so we ensure that everyone we supply can count on our service, technique and the excellence of our products. This approach is reflected in every aspect of our operations throughout the Roofing & Building Products division.